About us

Our Goals

Costs optimization

Through the highest quality assurance of the innovative solutions in HR domain.

HR services market leader

Thanks to the business/IT solutions knowledge and the experience in quality assurance.

Trusted advisor

Through a continuous support provided in the customers' internal changes implementation.

Few words about us

image_1We direct our offer to the companies planning to implement an HR, Payroll, Time Tracking or Business Travel system.


Please take a look at our services offer, which will help you save the implementation costs, while ensuring the right quality of the implemented software.




QuaTes focuses on:

  • Systems testing and supporting future users in tests execution or, going further, planning and driving them on their behalf;
  • Planning and introducing to the organizations any process changes supporting a smoother implementation of new systems;
  • Project management of business changes or software implementation projects;
  • Management of change, to help introduce new processes to the organizations in the most painless yet effective way.

The best among professionals

QuaTes is a team of experts in testing, management of change and HR/payroll/time management systems like SAP, EeTime, Workday, People Soft or ADP Global View. We are different considering our age or education skills, but one thing we have got in common – working many years together on new software implementation projects.

There are experienced SAP consultants among us, who can proudly present a rich portfolio of successfully accomplished projects in Poland and other countries. Their work on the projects, in which they have always been sticking to the highest quality standards as well as making customer’s satisfaction the top priority, has been resulting in a long and mutually beneficial cooperation with their clients, in any future projects or post go live support services. We are proud we have these individuals, having a great reputation and huge customers’ trust, among us.

Our team consists as well of the certified quality assurance experts. Their knowledge in tests modelling and execution gained during several trainings, plus their experience earned during country and multinational projects, create a perfect mix of skills and professionalism showed when dealing with our customers. Every project they participated has been helping them to go far beyond what is normally considered a standard testing methodology. Often they have been becoming trusted customers’ advisors, helping our clients to adjust their business requirements or remodel their business processes. The support provided by our testers during end users trainings has always been welcomed by customers’ end users – “… finally someone training us and explaining us the new system just like one of us would do…”

A different flavor to the team is added by the communication and trainings specialists, responsible for strategy definition and designing communication approach to support processes of change. They have been offering an end to end management of change solution, including any development activities for various groups of stakeholders and change leaders/ambassadors. For them any, even the most difficult, change introduction is “a piece of cake”.

To make the team complete we couldn’t miss the project managers. They have a rich country and global project management experience. They have been leading relatively small projects for local companies as well as multiyear, big programs for worldwide corporations. Our project leaders can be proud of their experience while they are certified PMP and constantly increase their skills attending PM trainings, conferences, seminars and other PMI initiatives. Projects completed on time and budget – this is our project managers’ trademark.

Our mission

One of the most important points in a new ERP system implementation project, apart from a detailed analysis and developing a business blueprint, is testing and configuration validation against documented assumptions and business requirements. It seems to be easy. Don’t be misled though.

A traditional implementation project approach is based on leveraging from the own company resources - human capital management or payroll subject matter experts, to define the business requirements and validate them. They need to balance well between their daily routine tasks and additional ones set by a project related responsibilities. They have to act under a time and project constraints’ pressure, while held accountable for timely delivery of their regular duties like running payroll, paying employees accurately and on time or supporting HR operations.

Many companies’ experience presents the validation is the most critical point of a new ERP system implementation. The scope of work related to testing as well as their strategic importance for the success of the entire project, let them to be estimated as 50% of the entire project budget. Nevertheless the quality assurance activities have been yet quite a “limping” project area. All understand and appreciate the importance of testing, however it has been yet very much unclear for the future system owners, how to properly validate their new tools work as desired.