Vacation of your dreams

Dog days... Boredom... Nothing happens…

How can we say “nothing happens” when everybody around is on vacation?! And if they are on vacation, they make their more or less polished up vacation plans come true for sure. Ones finally enjoy blessed idleness and an all inclusive service, others bask in a direct contact with nature in a “camping in wilderness” mode and yet the other ones are on a journey to their down under. For sure all are full of hopes linked to the long expected time off.

The vacations are expensive nowadays. Everybody must have calculated their budget several times and picked an affordable vacation model. However many start realizing right after they begin enjoying the holiday, that if they paid few extra cents it could get them faster to the destination, make the journey more comfortable, get them a room with a better view or an exclusive service. What to do with that? Stick to the plan or get carried away by a vacation spirit?

I personally let myself to get carried, but reasonably. All I want is to make my vacation more comfortable and easier, not to show off. Not everything can be ideally planned ahead, while reacting on emerging opportunities is a good path and a good lesson for the future. This is why I often decide to add a little something” to the budget to fully derive pleasure from my holiday, to learn the visited places not only from outside and finally to enjoy the good memories after coming back home.

I recommend the same to my customers when working on the implementation projects. I don’t pull the wool over their eyes and do not suggest taking any absurd steps, but rather encourage them to check, if they maybe found some sources to drive some arrangements differently, often easier and more effectively. I realize very well the project budgets are not boneless, but I know as well, they always have some buffer we could and should reach to if needed. Shall we follow this path when in danger or, if we haven’t planned well everything, use it to adjust the approach and the way we run the project?

Hence the initiatives on engaging independent consultants to help us remodel the business processes – cause when we implement it’s better to do it the right way the first time. Hence the recommendations to ensure the validation is supported by the testing experts – cause you can do it on your own but it’s easier when you are guided. Hence the emphasis on increasing management of change’s importance in the projects – let everybody feel the comfort of the implemented solutions and let everybody feel comfortable in a new environment.

Think of your next project ahead of time and set it up well. This will help you save more time and energy to plan your next vacation of your dreams.

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