If you are about to decide for a new ERP system or if you would like to look at your existing business processes and consult with a process expert we encourage you to contact QuaTes. The HR processes are considered by many companies as costs, hardly ever as an asset adding any value to your business. It’s worth analyzing, improving or even standardizing them.

Our process consultants can help analyze the existing business processes and indicate any potential improvement areas. Based on that they can support you in defining and describing your business requirements if you implement a new ERP system. They can make sure the processes are implemented as expected during the project as well as they will design and document any operating procedures needed for the Go Live or for production support. At the end they can help you define any metrics to measure your success or KPI’s to monitor effectiveness and efficiency of HR and payroll related activities.


Service’s scope:

  • Processes relations and interdependencies analysis;
  • Processes effectiveness verification;
  • Identification and elimination of non value adding processes;
  • Existing processes alignment to meet the KPI’s;
  • Advising on how to improve the existing activities;
  • Presentation of the best in class solutions used by the global corporations;
  • Support in business requirements definition for a new ERP system implementation;
  • New defined processes implementation supervision;
  • Documentation, trainings and introductory sessions in support to new processes go live.



  • Access to the best business solutions developed and used in Poland and in other countries worldwide;
  • Own, alternative processes maturity assessment and their potential improvement method;
  • Sharing experience gained during SAP, EeTime, Workday, People Soft or ADP Global View implementation projects;
  • Processes remodeled and adjusted in preparation to a new ERP system implementation;
  • Ability to identify potential saving and efficiency gains before implementation projects starts;
  • Processes ideally fitting legal requirements and the best business practice;
  • Sharing knowledge to help identify any new opportunities generating savings, additional incomes and improving processes effectiveness.


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