Testing – post Go Live support

Constant legislative changes require the companies to keep their applications up to date with the latest legal or company processes/policies adjustments. The majority of software vendors ensure their products are compliant, publishing any service packs, hot fixes or patches, which their clients can implement on their own or with the help of any consulting companies.

Every time such updates should be verified if they don’t interfere with the company business requirements and existing system’s configuration. QuaTes offer comes handy in this case – we can be ordered to validate the changes made to the system.

Our quality assurance experts, knowing the legal changes and nature of updates offered by the software vendors, can select testing scenarios accordingly, to guarantee a comprehensive validation of any new setup and system functionality. Next they run the tests series, documenting the progress and quality of the tested product. At the end they hand you over the tests results and provide your users a training on the new functionalities and any process changes.

The above described service can run in cycles and be provided by QuaTes every time, when the application vendors release any new software updates. This approach let you ensure your system is always compliant while not dragging your subject matter experts from their daily tasks to test changes.


Service’s scope:

  • Tests plan definition;
  • Testing scenarios development;
  • Scenarios verification together with customer’s subject matter experts;
  • User Acceptance Testing based on the scenarios;
  • Testing progress documentation and regular status reporting;
  • Logging and informing the implementation vendor on any defects identified;
  • Defining regression testing scope and scenarios to be run once defects fixed;
  • Fixes validation;
  • New system training for the company end users;
  • Checklists design to validate the changes in production system.



  • Access to the best and proven testing models and procedures;
  • Engagement of a certified quality assurance team experienced in testing systems like SAP, EeTime, Workday, People Soft or ADP Global View;
  • Dedicated team fully focused on testing;
  • Business know-how and the best business processes learned in other projects to be shared with your company;
  • Service provided based on an agreed SLA;
  • Ready to use testing scenarios pool – designed to validate any legal changes or software updates;
  • Time saving thanks to leveraging system expertise of the testing team;
  • Effective use of own resources – your company experts can focus on any company vital activities;
  • Experienced testers providing a training on system changes;
  • Up to date status reports delivered regularly.

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