Developing a new house

You probably know someone who has gone through a new house development process or maybe you are the one. I’m not talking here about buying a new terraced house or picking a new house from a ready to go developer’s offer. No! You purchase a piece of land, decide on a certain design, ensure budget and all required approvals, get a building contractor team and finally start a “Dream come true” project.

You supervise all the work in person. You secure yourself some support of technology experts, designers or ask advice from you relatives and friends who have gone through a similar project yet. The developer company is a comprehensive one and guarantees they can do all the construction work A to Z. However something goes not exactly the way you’d like it. Not as you were expecting it.

When failures cumulate and you are getting shorter and shorter on corrections and fixes budget, you reach to hire an independent building inspector. As soon as he shows up at the construction site, your relations with the construction team, excellent so far, begin to injure – “don’t you trust us anymore Mr. Investor?” The inspector, in the meanwhile, step by step reveals faults, shortcomings, errors. He repeatedly helps you understand some basic rules of constructions, which your contractor forgot to explain to you or presented in a completely different way. There start to be fixes implemented, often painful, but thanks to which the work slowly comes back on track. You start realizing a fact, how much time and money you could have saved, how much you could have taken care about quality of development, if you only had invested in hiring a good inspector at the beginning of your project…

It was supposed to be about project management or testing, it went to be about building. If, when reading this text, you couldn’t reference to an implementation project, it means you are most likely busy with setting up your new house and this is your project number one. Please, read again and imagine your completed or currently in flight, a new system implementation project. Can you easily identify if there were regular quality inspections and the solutions were tested before moved to production? This doesn’t matter what project at the end – quality assurance in order to meet all customer’s expectations is necessary to save time and resources, and last but not least, to reduce your stress.

Remember – there is no need to do everything on your own.  It is worth investing in an independent and regular quality inspection and securing a trusted and experienced advisor, who has gone through many projects like this yet and knows what may happen. Furthermore, he or she knows, what you don’t know yet, what can help you avoid many mistakes and costs related to shortcomings removal.

Mr. Investor

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