Oh no! An upgrade again!

How many times have you been going through a system upgrade, service packs installation, legal changes implementation on your system? Never? Nothing is wrong with it. This article will let you get better prepared for those.

The first thing we start thinking about, looking at the upcoming system changes, is how we are going to validate them. Who should be doing it? IT specialists? If you have someone continuously supporting your HR/PY system from a technical stand point, someone knowing your business processes inside out at the same time, you are in a small group of those who are lucky. Usually the so called Key Business Users are responsible for the business requirements definition, testing scenarios development and validation of the system according to them later.

You can probably imagine the workload linked to these tasks. The good tests require all your business processes to be validated end to end, while every time a defect gets discovered and fixed, an additional regression testing should be run…

How can the HR department find the time to accommodate all that? How to find a good compromise between little availability of HR experts and high IT department’s expectations to quickly implement changes on the system? Shortening time to run the validation activities and executing them faster hardly ever go hand in hand with quality testing, so the help provided by the experienced QuaTes testers is not only about saving the time, but increasing customer’s and every employee’s satisfaction as well. It is worth considering, isn’t it?


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